Candle burning tips

-Make sure you have enough candles for your scent to cover and smell amazing in your aroma. Typically one 8oz candle for every 10 sq feet.
 -Each time candle is lit for best results burn for at least an an hour or until all wax is evenly melted across the entire top surface. 
 - Do not burn candles for more than 3 hours at a time.
-Trim candle wick each time candle is lit. Wick trimmers gives best results for candle wick trimming.
 -Candle wick trimming reduces soot ,which is when black smoke surrounds your flame and also prevents large flames.
  -After smelling the same scent for more than around 30 minutes , your nose can become less sensitive, making it seem like think the scent from your candle is gone. Which it is not.
-When you stop smelling your candle’s scent you might want to light more candles keep in mind someone new walking into the room or you re entering the room the smell is going to be overwhelming. 
- After extinguishing candle let candle cool then place lid back on candle for best results.
-Always keep lit candles In sight.
-Keep candles away from vents , air currents and anything that can potentially catch fire. 
-Never burn candles all the way down. 
- Store candles in a cool dry place. 
Lastly Enjoy! And remember keep it comfortable like home should be!